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Fiat - Fiat Panda Evo Rally - Fiat Auto Corse n 2 - 2008

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Pode ser levantado em mão em: Itália - com um registo italiano - 300 quilómetros - Em muito bom estado

Marca: Fiat (Mais lotes)
Tipo de modelo: Fiat Panda Evo Rally - Fiat Auto Corse n 2
Ano: 2008
Localizado em: Itália
Estilo de carroçaria: Targa (Mais lotes)
Rodagem: 300 km
Papéis do registo: com um registo italiano
Estado: Em muito bom estado
Certificado disponível: Sim
Transmissão: Cambio sequenziale 6 rapporti da corsa
Combustível: Gasolina
Cor: Branco

This Panda Evo is a collector’s car. It is not to be confused with the Panda kits ex trophy or worse still, with the Panda kits replica and not official, as I will describe in detail in the following lines. Of the Panda Evo, also called 'Super Panda', only 2 have been built in the world, with a very high cost of design, testing and fische approval, but we know that with rare cars this is normal. I have the manufacturer's certificate, which certifies that they have only built two of this spies in the whole world, approving them. The car on sale were commissioned by Fiat Auto Corse/ Abarth and assembled by Supergara, which was the structure that studied and assembled all the cars for the various trophies, such as the Fiat 500 trophy, Fiat Auto Corse trophy with the Fiat 600 kits and the Panda Kit trophy. The car was then also presented at the Lingotto in Turin.

The car is license plated and designed to be a rally car, but it can also compete uphill, slalom or race on the track. Since the purchase, the car was dismantled by experienced staff and brought body-off. Engine was rebuilt new from scratch, with complete new Abarth head, pistons moulded from fische, etc. The gearbox was overhauled by its manufacturer and refurbished, new drive shafts etc. Restored from scratch with all the necessary new parts, with a very careful reassembly lasted almost 2 years of work (please see photographs of restoration). The certificate lists all the differences between the Panda Evo and a Panda kit ex trophy. For example, the Marelli electronic control unit and the Marelli digital board are from the Punto Abarth super 2000, costing 8000 euros, the roll-bar reaches up to the domes, the braking system is a 4 Ap Racing pumping units of over 3000 euros, and not that of the Fiat Stilo that mount the Trophy versions. The torsion bar is not fixed and under the car, but it goes through the engine and has a blade with 5 adjustments. The car is 85 kg lighter than a Panda kit, it is fitted with a sequential 6-speed gearbox for €10,000 and not a front linkage.

The engine has been lightened with more than 2 kg Ergal pulleys etc. and studied at the bench. The Trophy Panda cars deliver 118 hp and they are single-throttle, this engine exceeds 150 hp at 7,900 rpm with more than 19 kg of torque, costing over 15,000 euros and not 4,000 like the kits. It mounts 4 extremely rare throttle bodies worth 3500 euros. The front pillars are made of Ergal and interchangeable, cost 900 euros each. The exhaust studied at the test bench to gain 3 points in horsepower and lower the weight cost 4000 euros. Adjustable pedals 1800 euros, it has assisted start. The front brackets are two centimetres longer per side as the the drive shafts to widen the track 3800 euros, the displacement has been increased from 1242 cc to 1388 cc. The electrical system has been lightened and divided between services and engine 3700 euros, the clutch is not a cable clutch but a hydraulic one 2,500. The steering column has been moved back by 60 mm to have an ideal barycentre. The hydraulic power steering is adjustable in hardness according to the special tests 1200 euros.

In addition to these costs, it is also necessary to add the special rims that are mounted on the car to cool down the Ap Racing braking system and not to get stuck with self-ventilated disc brakes. 12 rims purchase 4000 euros. In addition to the list of some of the differences, a huge cost went to approve in fische all these differences/improvements, in addition to the very outfitting of the car from the Sparco resolution in super light electric aluminium 700 euros, to the especially made Ergal seat brackets 700 euros, all the Ergal bolts mounted 1800 euros, to the carbon panels mounted on the front and rear doors, central console and driver's footboards and navigation 1900 euros, Sparco belts, Sparco seats, 2000 euros, hydraulic super light handbrake system, 1400 euros, Ap front and rear brakeforce distribution 600 euros, race gel battery 250 euros, adjustable distribution with tanks 5000 euros.

This is part of the difference with Trophy Panda kits and the cost of assembling this wonderful, exciting and powerful car. Currently the car has travelled 300 km, with first a break-in and mapping of the new engine on the bench, from the best mapper in Italy, Gabella. The first-owner car is by Super Gara, a department that works on the development of all Fiat Auto Corse / Abarth cars. Currently it has the Martini livery, (with decals) beautiful, used for the last rally held in Como, winning with a 1st of A5 class and closing with a 20th place in the national championship.

Very admired and photographed car, extremely competitive and powerful. It was driven by important drivers and it also participated in the rally in Sanremo. Permission was also required to be included as a rally car in a real professional driving simulator (see 2 photos). Even if the car is in excellent condition.


This car can be viewed and picked up in Arese (Milan), Italy.

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